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Permabond ES5691

Permabond ES5691 is a single-part heat cured epoxy adhesive with excellent adhesion to metal surfaces as well as composite materials.
This adhesive is designed to be non-sagging, allowing the product to be used in large gaps and on vertical surfaces.
Permabond ES5691 is fluoresces under UV black light for easy inline QC inspection.

  • Viscosity: 2 rpm: 500,00 - 1000,000 mPa.s
                     20 rpm: 100,000 - 300,000 mPa.s
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to +200°C
  • Basis: Epoxy Resin
  • Item no.: 120569..

Aviable in different packaging

TDS Permabond ES5691

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