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Araldite F 310


Araldite F 310 is a room-temperature curing, two-component, methacrylic ester-based adhesive for rapid bonding of metals, composites and thermoplastics such as ABS, PVC and acrylics. The adhesive has a joining time of 10 minutes.

Already 20 minutes after joining (curing at room temperature) the parts can be further processed. Final strength is achieved after 2 hours. Bonds made with Araldite F 310 have very good tensile shear and peel strength values, as well as good thermal resistance between -40 °C and +130 °C.

  • Rapid curing after joining, handling strength after 20 minutes
  • Good thermal stability
  • Viscosity at 23 °C: approximately 18 - 26 Pas
  • Item No.: 130310..

Available in different packages

TD Araldite F310
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